Welcome to eThreads’ New Home!

It has already been an exciting year for eThreads – we’re hiring more talented seamstresses, redesigning our website and developing tons of new bag designs that are making us drool.  I am most excited about our big move into a brand new studio!

The new space is perfect for eThreads. It’s located in a big building filled with artist studios, so there is inspiring creativity everywhere.  It has room for a huge fabric cutting station, several sewing stations, construction station and a photo studio.  Most importantly, it’s 3x larger than our current space, which means we have room to make more bags, hire more people and move eThreads into the next stage of awesomeness.

We’ve spent the last few weeks with a lot of lumber and nails building all the work stations.  Now we have to finish the (very important) kitchen table, sweep up all the shop dust, and move in the fun stuff!  Decorations, fabric, inventory, oh my!  Take a gander at our first set of pictures, when the room was unfathomably empty.  We’ll post the next set of pictures as soon as we’re finished decorating!

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