Testimonial: Wendy D., Conroe TX

Did you know you can send us your own fabric for your bag?  It’s true!  Not only do we rePurpose old clothing into bags, but we also take your favorite fabrics to make a truly one-of-a-kind bag.  Wendy D. sent us a really fun fabric to make a bag for her daughter.  The fabric had monsters on it and we made the bag in time for Halloween:

“We received the fantastic bag you guys made and absolutely love it! Hailey started using it right away and she says lots of people at her school admired it and asked where she bought it! I had already told her what to tell them! Thank you so much for making such a high quality, custom bag and sending it to enjoy before Halloween!”

Wendy followed up the message a few months later with a picture:

“She still uses it every day and it’s almost Christmas! Excellent job!”


Thank you Wendy and Hailey, you guys sent an awesome fabric!

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