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Update: Leather Bags for Patty B. in MA

Do you remember when Patty gave us leather for her new Zippy Purse? She actually sent a lot of scrap leather and asked us to make whatever we could out of it for Christmas gifts. We were able to get very scrap-py (pun totally intended) with the pieces and squeezed out a lot of bags. Here’s some pics of the whole collection. Patty was pleased:

They are BEAUTIFUL! I love them all. You truly outdid yourself, thank you!

Patty-B-in-MA-pouch-3 Patty-B-in-MA-pouch-2














We don’t usually work with leather because we support vegan bags but Patty sent us these scrap pieces so we went with it. That said, if you have old leather you’d like turned into a custom made bag we can do it, just send an email to emily@elementalthreads.com.

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Testimonial: Leather Bags for Patty B. in MA

Patty B. in MA gave us some leather to make her a new Zippy Purse and I LOVE the result! Patty’s pretty jazzed too:

It’s amazing, so much better than I could have hoped! It fits my iPad & it’s big padded case, my speakers, wires, plus all¬†my personal items. I just used it this weekend for a trip into NYC and it was perfect! I’ll definitely be giving you more leather soon.

Thanks Patty for such a cool project, I friggin LOVE your bag. Patty-B-in-MA-3 Patty-B-in-MA-2 Patty-B-in-MA-1











Do you want to design your own bag like Patty’s? It’s the new version of our Zippy Purse and it’s AWESOME. I’ve been using the prototype for about eight months now and love it.

Here’s the details: It’s 12.5″ W x 10″ H with a 2″ wide bottom. It has two exterior pockets, two interior pockets, pen pocket and key ring clasp. It has an adustable strap for one-shoulder or cross-body wear. It’s $85 and lined in waterproof nylon. The bag is not on our website yet and won’t be for awhile, so if you’d like to get one now send an email to emily@elementalthreads.com to get started. We can make it with any of the fabrics on our site or with a specialty fabric like Patty’s here.

PS – This bag fits an iPad too, even in a hard case!



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What Side Are You On?

At eThreads, all our bags are made fresh to order specifically for you!  Because each bag is made from scratch, we can custom fit it to how you wear it.  This is especially important with our Zippy Purse.   When you design a Zippy Purse, we will ask you which hip your bags hit.  Why is this so important for the Zippy Purse?  Because it has a front pocket, and we change which way it opens based on which side your wear your bag.  This creates the ultimate comfort and convenience for everyone, and one extra special bonus for you because you designed your own bag with eThreads!

*Please note – it does not matter which shoulder you wear the bag, because you may wear your bag cross body and this could get confusing. ¬†Instead, it’s important to think about which hip your bag hits, that’s the side to tell us.*

Fun fact: Most Righties wear their bag on the right hip and most Lefties wear their bags on the left hip. ¬†Great tip if you’re ordering the Zippy Purse as a gift!


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Testimonial: Joan K., Peabody MA

“The purse you made me is absolutely fabulous. It’s exactly what I had in mind and I know I’ll get so much use from it. It was fun seeing all of your designs and meticulous craftsmanship…the result is simply perfect. ¬†And that fabric is gorgeous!”

Joan K., Peabody MA

Do you like the bag? ¬†You will be able to design your own Zippy Purse on our website by November 2010. ¬†Can’t wait until then? ¬†We understand. ¬†You can design one now with any fabric on our website!

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