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New Fabric Alert: “Tempo” Blossoms Coordinate Nicely

Ooh, I’m liking these two new prints in eThreads’ fabric collection!

Both these guys are called “Tempo” and they coordinate with each other so nicely. They’re both red, black, and white modern flower blossoms. I love adding a little black in there to break up the bag. You can design your own bag with these fabrics … you’ll find them under the “Cotton 4” tab.

fabs_2013-06-14_1000px_0000s_0007_IMG_6705.JPG fabs_2013-06-14_1000px_0000s_0006_IMG_6703.JPG
















Two Tone Tote A Alycia-M-in-KS-2


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New Fabrics are My Happy Place

fabric-shelfConfession time … I maaaay have started eThreads partially to pardon my fabric addiction. Every time I stopped in a fabric store or perused online, I could finally say, “It’s ok, it’s for business” and feel good about dropping cold hard cash on my cotton and canvas.

So, with that in mind, our big fabric shelf at the studio is my happy place. It’s colorful, it’s whimsical, and I remember where I bought each fabric, so it’s kind of like a trip down memory lane.


pow-fabricWell, my happy place just got a whole lot happier because we added dozens of new fabrics to the site and seeing them stacked up on our shelf is making me giddy. You guys have been asking for more navy prints, nautical themes, butterflies, owls, flowers and other graphic goodness. I found everything you’re looking for plus fabric you’ve likely never seen before – Mini coopers, Superheroes, Star Wars and Tootsie Pops – what to the what?


You’ll find the new prints under “Cotton 4”, “Canvas 2”, and “Specialty.” Look for them on the bottom of each tab. People have already been making some really gorgeous bags with the new fabrics, check em out:



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More Organic Cottons Have Arrived!

Great news for you eco-minded fashionistas – we have added a fabulous array of organic cottons to our fabric options!  Now you can design your own bag with even more eco friendly fabrics to choose from!  To see the entire selection, just choose any bag you wish and click on the “Organic Cotton” tab above the fabric swatches.  There are two main color pallets and all the coordinating solid colors + a few wonderful extras.   The Organic Cotton is soft, vibrant and versatile, perfect for your next custom-made bag.  All our orders are shipped in recycled packaging, so you can design your own eco-minded bag and rule the green world.  This is my favorite combination – which one is yours?

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New Fabric: Brown, Red and Tan Damask Soft Canvas

We have found some delicious new fabrics that will be debuting soon on the website. In the meantime, you can meet them in our Blog! This fabulous new fabric is a gorgeous damask print featuring red and tan over a brown background. The canvas fabric is nice and soft, making this an eye-catching and easy fabric all in one. If you like this fabric, you can design any of our bags with it before it’s on our website! Contact emily@elementalthreads.com and say you want your new bag in this fabulous new fabric!

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