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Nov. 15 Holiday Deadline Quickly Approaching!

It’s hard to believe, but the holidays are right around the corner. ¬†Even harder to believe, our deadline to guarantee holiday delivery is quickly approaching! ¬†It takes time to make your custom bags, so we must set 11/15 as the cut off date to guarantee your gifts will be ready in time to give. ¬†For any order that is placed after 11/15 we will try our hardest to get it out in time, but it is not guaranteed. ¬†Remember, we have to consider shipping time too!

Design bags on ethreads.com or get extra personal … you can send us your own fabric! ¬†Do you know someone who likes to cook? Get fabric with food on it! ¬†Do you know someone who likes to read? ¬†Get fabric with books on it! ¬†You can order fabric online and send it directly to us for faster processing.

Another way to make your gift extra special is to repurpose your old favorites Рt-shirts, jackets, baby blankets Рwhatever is special to you.  Do you know someone who loves music?  Repurpose an old band t-shirt.  Do you have children? Repurpose their old clothes into new bags for the family.  To see examples of eThreads rePurposed bags, click here.

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