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Help Us Design Your Ideal Diaper Bag

If you follow us on facebook, you’ll see we’ve recently been talking a lot about diaper bags. You guys have been asking for diaper bags for years, and we’re finally ready to debut some designs. One of our favorite long-time customers, Keith & Jennifer, asked for a messenger-style diaper bag ahead of their September due date. We love these guys (see their repurposed t-shirt bag here) and wanted to make it happen.

protoype diaper bagI don’t have first hand knowledge about diaper bags so I asked you guys on facebook. Boy, was it illuminating! You all had such great tips about pockets, zippers, size and straps. Here is the first prototype I made based on Jennifer’s style requests and your functionality suggestions. (PS – How cool is this new fabric? I’m a sucker for a good chevron.)

Jennifer found a cute yellow elephant fabric on another diaper bag and had to have it. Keith found it online and shipped it to us, and we were able to make her dream diaper bag ahead of her baby’s big arrival in September.

Keith wrote us after they received it:

“Emily, it’s beautiful! ¬†Amazing job. ¬†She absolutely loves it. ¬†That liner takes the cake. ¬†We’re so happy to be the coolest-diaper-bag-parents the world has ever seen.¬†Thank you!”

Jennifer wanted a messenger style crossbody bag, but lots of moms asked for a two handled-tote version too. As I’m finalizing the designs I’m still asking for suggestions about what you want in your diaper bag. Moms & Dads – what did you love about your diaper bag? What didn’t you like? What features do you think are most important? Leave a comment below, send an email to emily@elementalthreads.com or leave a message on our facebook page. Thanks for your help making the best diaper bags ever for you hardworking parents out there!

diaperbagelephant 072

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eThreads and Handbago!



We have been a fan of Handbago for some time now and it’s an honor to be mentioned on their blog. ¬†Handbago is THE site for handbag lovers. ¬†They have editor’s picks, reviews, giveaways, designer profiles and so many more ways to connect, browse and find your perfect handbag. ¬†We created a bag for Handbago’s review and it was a hit!

Elemental Threads is not your ordinary handbag brand. It’s actually a company that makes custom handbags and pouches …¬†The idea of designing your own bag or pouch is fabulous! Although it can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you want, designing your own bag is a great way to own a bag that completely represents you!

Click here to read the full review.

Thank you Lani, Jessica and the whole Handbago team!


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Profile, Giveaway and 20% Coupon! Oh my!

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Katy Rose, the fashionable blogger behind ModlyChic. ¬†She took a liking to eThreads and asked me to complete a creative profile for her blog, which you can read here. ¬†Additionally, eThreads and ModlyChic paired up for a giveaway and 20% coupon! ¬† One lucky ModlyChic reader will get a $25 gift card to eThreads – that could be you! ¬†Just design your favorite bag on www.elementalthreads.com and post the design in the “Comments” section of our profile on ModlyChic. ¬†The giveaway ends 11:59 pm ET on Tuesday, October 26.

We’ve also coordinated an eThreads 20% coupon – just design your bag or shop the¬†BlogShop, checkout with Google Checkout, and enter code ModlyChic. ¬†Immediately 20% will be taken off the total! ¬†It’s a great start for your holiday shopping. ¬†Hurry – the coupon ends Wednesday, 11/3!

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Review by Amy Price

Thank you to Amy Price of the Huntsville Fashion News Examiner, who just wrote a wonderful review of eThreads.  Not only did Amy mention our custom-made bags, she also jumped right into our recycled t-shirt bags, eco-friendly accessories and ready-to-wear samples.  Here is part of the review:

“Flex your design muscles, and do a little environmental good in the process by creating your own handbag or purchasing items from the on-trend and eco-friendly¬†accessories collection on the site.”¬†¬†

Click here to read the entire review.

Thank you Amy, we’re so glad you like the site!

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Review by Marie Look

eThreads just received a lovely review from Marie Look, a writer and copy editor who also manages her own blog about fashion, travel, culture and much more…

“Have you discovered¬†Elemental Threads yet? It‚Äôs a site where you can design your own handbag. Use the nifty online tools to pick out a design, fabric and hardware and then mix and match until you get it to look just the way you want…”

 Click here to read the full article.

Thank you Marie for the review!

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eThreads in Daily Candy’s Weekend Guide!

We are thrilled to get some love from Daily Candy, the source for everything interesting in food, fun and fashion.  Daily Candy mentioned eThreads in their Sept. 16 Weekend Guide:

Elemental Threads
Think paint by numbers for purses. You pick the bag (clutch, shopper, pouch), fabrics (patterned cotton, tweed, canvas), and details (lining, hardware, zippers), and leave the grunt work to someone else ($14-$85).
Why: A healthy way to suppress/indulge in those Project Runway aspirations you’ve been flirting with.
Where: Online at elementalthreads.com.

Thank you Daily Candy!  I have been a long-time fan of the site and it was thrilling to have eThreads be a part of it.

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Testimonial: Christy M.

christymringpouch“Thank you so much for making such a wonderful bag for my mom! It came out great! I love the fabric, and you’re definitely right about the white zipper! I know my mom is going to love it.”
Christy M., Manchester CT

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She Takes on the World

eThreads founder Emily Worden ¬†is humbled to be mentioned as a “Rising Star to Watch in 2009” by SheTakesOnTheWorld.com, a “lifestyle and business blog for ambitious women around the world.” ¬†Thank you to Natalie MacNeil, founder of STONW, this is quite an honor!

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eThreads in Ponoko.com

We are excited to be mentioned by Ponoko.com!  This site is really cool because you can make prints, models and 3D cutouts with a variety of materials including wood, plastic, felt and metal!  Enough to make your creativity run wild.  They seem to like eThreads too:

An interesting mix of mass customization and bespoke fashion accessory design is available through Emily at Elemental Threads …

Click here to read the full review.

Thank you Ponoko!  We love your stuff too!

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