Review and Giveaway: Macaroni Kid

We were approached by Macaroni Kid Hunterdon to participate in a review and giveaway.  Macaroni Kid is a national newsletter and website identifying all the great things parents and kids can do together.  Our New Jersey friends thought eThreads would be great for their readers and we are happy to announce the review is up right now!

“… You can preview all the selections before you purchase and the possibilities are virtually endless.¬† It makes¬†you want to design¬†several sizes!¬† I liked how my wristlet looked online, but when it arrived (very quickly, I might add!) I was really pleased with it.¬† It was so fun!¬† The material and design¬†is durable and high quality…”

Not only that, we are giving MKNJ readers a chance to win their own Straight Wristlet!  Click here to read the full review and get in on the fun!


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