Port Strikes? We’re Made in the USA!

I’ve been reading a lot about the port strikes in Los Angeles and Long Beach, an 8 day event that shut down two of the country’s busiest ports and cost over $1 billion per day in undelivered goods.  The dispute is now resolved, but retailers are still feeling the effects from the shutdown.  They are dealing with delayed deliveries at the height of holiday shopping season and disappointing customers with out of stock inventory.

I’ve been thinking about what a nightmare this must be for businesses and customers alike, and how upset I’d be if we couldn’t deliver our products to our customers.  It’s times like this I’m reminded about how awesome it is to be a company that makes all products in the USA and uses American suppliers.

We don’t have to worry about delayed shipping due to port strikes because everything we need is in the country already.  Our zippers, linings, nylons and fabrics all come from American suppliers, and we manufacture the bags ourselves in our Boston, MA studio.

We believe people and the planet are as important as profits and all our decisions are based on trying to do better.  Manufacturing in the USA and using American suppliers is a big part of our business plan.  Yes, it costs more money to operate like this, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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