Pinwheel Accessories: An Eco-Friendly Accent

Elemental Threads is a socially responsible business so we’re always looking for ways to reuse materials and reduce waste.  We’ve started with eThreads rePurpose and now we’re excited to introduce our line of Pinwheel Accessories, made from remnants of our most popular fabrics!  We’re taking the small pieces of fabric leftover from projects and turning them into rings, necklaces and hair accessories.  Design a matching bag in the same fabric!  All Pinwheel Accessories are handmade in Cambridge, MA and are for sale on our Blog Shop.


Fun facts: These fabric rosettes have a long history in textiles.  We call them Pinwheels, but they’re also known as “Yo Yos,” “Puffs,” “Suffolk Puffs” or simply “Rosettes.”  In the 19th century fabric was very expensive and people used every piece they could, so the puffs were used to decorate clothes and household objects.  In the early 20th century puffs became a fad in America when “Yo Yo Quilts” rose in popularity.  Today, the rosettes are still used to adorn clothing, bags, blankets and even greeting cards.

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