Kindly Words from You Kindly Folks

My favorite part of working at eThreads is making people happy. (OK, truly, the favorite part of my job is buying fabric, but making people happy is the next best thing.)

wrapped-in-boxWhen you place an order with eThreads, it is reviewed and printed onto a little slip of paper with your name, date of order and bag specifics like fabric, zipper and lining colors. We even check if you wanted the fabric rotated or if the bag is for a lefty, because that changes how we make the bag.

That little slip gets pinned to your bag at every step. After the bag is cut, pressed, sewn, pressed, and quality checked, we remove the little slip and wrap up the bag. We write a personalized note, tuck it into the bag, and wrap the whole package in recycled red tissue paper, brown paper and brown packaging. I imagine the next person who opens the box is meeting their bag for the first time and that moment makes me smile.

The coolest part is hearing it straight from you guys. It’s really overwhelming the lovely notes you write us. I love all the exclamation points, smiley faces, and promise of pictures. I love hearing about the compliments you received and how you told all your friends about eThreads. Truly, making you happy makes me happy and messages like these just make me downright blush:

Thanks so much for the bags, they’re awesome and most importantly Britt loves them! She was really excited to switch bags and start using these ones. ¬†And thank you for sending them faster, we really appreciate it. ¬†And just so you know, Britt said she’s probably going to get in touch with you about gifts for the girls in the wedding party; that’ll probably be in the early spring at some point. So thanks again Emily, you did such an awesome job with this. ¬†We really appreciate everything!” – Rob C., Brewster NY

I love this bag! ¬†I’ve been using it non-stop since I got it. ¬†It’s the perfect bag to hold my laptop, office work, lunch and a change of clothes for the gym. ¬†It’s strong and comfortable too. ¬†Thank you!” – Kate G., Cambridge MA

I love the latest bag that I ordered from eThreads! Your dedication and outstanding customer service continues to impress me. I appreciate all the work you put into making sure that each bag I order is one that I will be happy with. I have received so many compliments and enjoy spreading the word about your wonderful products and service. I can’t wait to design my next bag!” – Kate E., Seattle WA

Hi Emily, I received them and I love them! All of them turned out so well. I can’t wait to show and present them to the girls! Thanks again!” Stephanie J., Austin TX

I received my clutch today and I love it! It was my first order, but it won’t be my last.” –¬†Jessica M., Springboro OH

Boy you were right about my making some good choices! I love the way the wristlet turned out and had a great time remembering all the little choices I made. It was really easy to create the bag and I’m happy with the result. I took it on a road trip this weekend and, as a girl who tends to favor pockets over purses, I really appreciated having this cute little bag. I think that it’s great that eThreads is so polished from top to bottom.” –¬†Katherine M., New York NY


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