Holiday Fundraising: Engineers Without Borders, UNC Chapter

eThreads is a custom-made handbag business that proudly supports environmental and social causes.  During the holiday season, we team up with non-profit organizations to raise money for their important issues.  It’s easy to help – just design your bags at, checkout with an organization’s code, and we will donate 25% of your order!  Below is one great organization, click here to see the full list.

Group: Engineers Without Borders, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Chapter


About: The goal of EWB is to partner with developing communities worlwide to improve their quality of life. This partnership involves the implementation of sustainable engineering projects, which may address water and sanitation, energy, and waste concerns. We currently have 5 projects:

Ecuador- Retrofitting an old water distribution system and adding a chlorine disinfection system.
Mexico- Installing solar panels on homes too rural to connect to the grid to give them electricity for the first time.
Moldova- Installing sanitary latrines and wash stations at a school house, along with teaching sanitary habits.
Peru- Installing double pit latrines near households
Chapel Hill- Working with a historically African-American community in Chapel Hill located near a regional landfill (conducted a water and sewer infrastructure survey and currently assisting with a community garden.)

More information can be found here.
Funds raised through this initiative will fund the Ecuador project.
Here’s how you can support this important cause:
1) Design your own bag at
2) Checkout with Google Checkout and enter code “EWBUNC”
3) That’s it! eThreads will now donate 25% of your sale to Engineers Without Borders UNC  Chapter! Thank you for your support.
** If you want to checkout with PayPal instead of Google Checkout, please complete your order and send an email to and give us this organization’s code. We will then donate 25% of your sale! **
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