Help Us Design Your Ideal Diaper Bag

If you follow us on facebook, you’ll see we’ve recently been talking a lot about diaper bags. You guys have been asking for diaper bags for years, and we’re finally ready to debut some designs. One of our favorite long-time customers, Keith & Jennifer, asked for a messenger-style diaper bag ahead of their September due date. We love these guys (see their repurposed t-shirt bag here) and wanted to make it happen.

protoype diaper bagI don’t have first hand knowledge about diaper bags so I asked you guys on facebook. Boy, was it illuminating! You all had such great tips about pockets, zippers, size and straps. Here is the first prototype I made based on Jennifer’s style requests and your functionality suggestions. (PS – How cool is this new fabric? I’m a sucker for a good chevron.)

Jennifer found a cute yellow elephant fabric on another diaper bag and had to have it. Keith found it online and shipped it to us, and we were able to make her dream diaper bag ahead of her baby’s big arrival in September.

Keith wrote us after they received it:

“Emily, it’s beautiful!  Amazing job.  She absolutely loves it.  That liner takes the cake.  We’re so happy to be the coolest-diaper-bag-parents the world has ever seen. Thank you!”

Jennifer wanted a messenger style crossbody bag, but lots of moms asked for a two handled-tote version too. As I’m finalizing the designs I’m still asking for suggestions about what you want in your diaper bag. Moms & Dads – what did you love about your diaper bag? What didn’t you like? What features do you think are most important? Leave a comment below, send an email to or leave a message on our facebook page. Thanks for your help making the best diaper bags ever for you hardworking parents out there!

diaperbagelephant 072

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