eThreads rePurpose Testimonial: Jean A.

With eThreads rePurpose, you can take your old favorite t-shirt, dress, blanket, etc… and turn it into your favorite new bag!  Jean A. from Washington, DC sent us 2 old t-shirts that were very special to her.  The first was a shirt her daughter owned over twenty years ago and the second was a shirt her brother wore as a young boy in camp.  Both had a lot of sentimental value and were perfect to be rePurposed as gifts for her daughter and sister.   Jean was very happy with the result:

“They arrived late last night!  I picked them up this morning and was enthralled.  I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all the creative and loving care that went into each of them.  I will send you pics with the owners and their masterpieces after Christmas.  May you have a wonderful holiday and relish in the fact that you are such a marvelous artist.”

Here are the bags with their new owners on Christmas morning.  Jean told us:

“They absolutely loved the purses.  They too felt all the great energies and caring that you exerted during the creation of the two master pieces.  Words will never be enough to thank you for bringing such joy to a gift presenting celebration.  Thank you.”

Do you have an old t-shirt, jacket, etc…that you love but no longer wear? rePurpose it! Send us your old t-shirt, jackets, baby blankets — whatever! — and we’ll lovingly repurpose them into a fabulous new bag. eThreads rePurpose makes a thoughtful and unique gift – click here for more info.

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