eThreads rePurpose Testimonial: Heather H.

With¬†eThreads rePurpose, you can take your old favorite t-shirt, dress, blanket, etc‚Ķ and turn it into your favorite new bag! ¬†We’ve seen a lot of fun materials recycled into new bags, but Heather’s materials were really interesting. ¬†She sent us about a dozen cut outs to see what we could do. ¬†They were beautiful pieces, but many were already cut into small pieces, which makes it a bit difficult to rePurpose. ¬†It was a fun project though because it forced us to get really creative on how to use the pieces! ¬†We settled on a Medium Pouch made with one piece, a Zippy Purse made with 2 pieces, and a larger Straight Day Clutch made with one piece rotated and a lot of black cotton. ¬†Heather chose all the zipper and lining colors. ¬†The results were really unique and awesome:

“I received the bags a week or 2 ago and have been meaning to tell you ever since how cool they are! ¬†In fact, they’re sorta *too* cool since my girlfriend took one look at them and asked, “which one is mine?” ¬†Sigh … At least you and I know who the mastermind here is. ;) ¬†Thanks for making it happen!”



These two pieces became the Zippy Purse: 



















This is the inside of the Zippy Purse, Heather chose a dark purple nylon lining and the pocket is lined in leftover t-shirt material:








The piece on the right became the bottom half of a Square Day Clutch.  The rest of the bag is made with black cotton, including the handle.  Heather chose a red lining and black zipper:
















The piece on the right became a Medium Pouch, we cut the piece in half and used both sides to make the bag:















Heather chose a copper lining and charcoal grey zipper:




Thank you Heather for letting us be part of this project, it was really challenging and fun! Are you ready to make your own recycled t-shirt bag?  Click here to get started!

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