eThreads rePurpose: Large Pouch Napoleon Dynamite T-Shirt Bag

This Large Pouch is made from a recycled t-shirt! The shirt was a green adult Napoleon Dynamite t-shirt with the phrase “Don’t be jealous that I’ve been chatting on-line with babes all day!” We cut up the t-shirt so the full phrase is on the front and the back is plain. This bag is perfect for any Napoleon Dynamite fan! The bag is 6″H x 9.5″W and is lined in a purple nylon for durability. The Large Pouch is a great size to hold all your necessities – sunglasses, wallet, cell, keys, makeup and a little room to spare! Add a handle or ring to carry the bag like a wristlet or clip to your belt loop.

Do you have a favorite t-shirt of item of clothing that you can’t bear to throw out? Repurpose it! Send us your old t-shirts, skirts, jackets, baby blankets — whatever — and we’ll lovingly repurpose into a bag of your choice! Send an email to for more info.

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