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eThreads Has Closed Up Shop

Dear friends and loyal customers,

As of January 1, 2017, eThreads has closed up shop and is no longer producing bags. We have been making custom bags since 2006 and served thousands of happy customers. In the last ten years, I have also completed my graduate degree, wrote a book, got hitched, had a baby, and embarked on a new career coaching entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses (learn more at With life pointing in so many different directions, I made the difficult decision to close eThreads and focus more on helping other entrepreneurs succeed.

If you have an outstanding gift certificate, we have reached out to you to help redeem it. If you received a message from us please reply to and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Thank you for all the kind wishes, happy messages, and bountiful smiles. It has been a true joy to connect with each of you and bring your designs to life.

Very best wishes,

Emily Worden


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eThreads in People StyleWatch Magazine!

Remember back in November I mentioned we made some rePurposed t-shirt bags for a popular magazine? Well, that magazine was People StyleWatch and this issue we’re in it!

Check us out in the April 2014 edition with the gorgeous Gabrielle Union on the cover. We’re in the “Easy Eco” section talking about easy ways to be green:

eThreads in People StyleWatch Magazine

people stylewatch 1

eThreads in People StyleWatch Magazine



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Indie Artists: Got a Business Question for Me?

library booksFriends, I’m writing a book about marketing & business secrets for the artist and crafter. It’s covering everything from starting a business to pricing your stuff to selling in stores. Anyone out there selling their art/craft or thinking about it? Any questions I could include in the book (and help answer here)? Thank you! (PS – this is a pic of my recent library haul … I LOVE the library more than I can adequately express.)

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Yes, We DO Sell Wallets! (Sort of.)

You guys have been asking if we have wallets … YES! … sort of … Here’s the deal: I designed an awesome wallet almost 2 years ago, and somehow it never made it to the site. We’ll introduce it next year, but for now I wanted to at least share a picture of the design. It has 4 pockets for cards (holds over 40 cards), 2 pockets for cash, and 1 zip pocket for change. It’s held closed with an elastic band (so you can cram it with a lot of stuff and it will still close) and keyring attachment. I’ve been using mine for 2 years and love it, it fits in the palm of my hand and clips to the inside of my bag so I never lose it. Here’s some samples, it costs $62 and we can make it out of any cotton and most canvas fabrics. Lined in nylon for durability – I got caught in the pouring rain with my wallet and everything inside stayed bone dry.

wallets 1 wallets 2 wallets 4 wallet 3

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Do You Live Near Boston, MA? Come Visit Us for Second Saturdays!

joy street artistsAs I’ve mentioned before, we work in at Joy Street Studios, an awesome artists building with 60+ artists blowing glass, making guitars, sculpting, painting, creating … I love working there so much.

We usually open to the public only twice a year for Open Studios, a city wide massive art event.  Now our awesome building just got a bit more awesome – we’re open the second Saturday of every month, just for you to stop by! We’re just getting started, but there’s over 20 of us participating every month. Spend the afternoon walking through the studios, talking with the artists, and watching how the work gets done!

We may be starting workshops too, so stay tuned for more info. Check out Joy Street’s facebook page for the latest info on our Second Saturdays extravaganza. See you there!

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New Fabrics are My Happy Place

fabric-shelfConfession time … I maaaay have started eThreads partially to pardon my fabric addiction. Every time I stopped in a fabric store or perused online, I could finally say, “It’s ok, it’s for business” and feel good about dropping cold hard cash on my cotton and canvas.

So, with that in mind, our big fabric shelf at the studio is my happy place. It’s colorful, it’s whimsical, and I remember where I bought each fabric, so it’s kind of like a trip down memory lane.


pow-fabricWell, my happy place just got a whole lot happier because we added dozens of new fabrics to the site and seeing them stacked up on our shelf is making me giddy. You guys have been asking for more navy prints, nautical themes, butterflies, owls, flowers and other graphic goodness. I found everything you’re looking for plus fabric you’ve likely never seen before – Mini coopers, Superheroes, Star Wars and Tootsie Pops – what to the what?


You’ll find the new prints under “Cotton 4”, “Canvas 2”, and “Specialty.” Look for them on the bottom of each tab. People have already been making some really gorgeous bags with the new fabrics, check em out:



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Get Exclusive Deals and Inside Info

Got social media? We’re all over it! Check out our facebook page, Twitter account, Pinterest profile and Instagram feed.

Why? What’s it in for you? Quite a lot!

Do you have an opinion about bags? We’re always on Facebook talking about freshly made bags and asking your opinion on new bag designs. Your input directly guides our design process because we want to make bags you love!

Do you like food? Checkout our Food board on Pinterest and join the other 1,000+ people sharing our recipe pins.

Do you like behind the scenes pictures? We post ’em all the time on Facebook and Instagram.

Do you like exclusive deals? Definitely keep up with our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. We drop exclusive 24 hour deals you don’t want to miss!


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Gotta question? We can help!

Untitled-1Designing a new bag and stuck on questions about size, color or style? We can help!

We are happy to announce our new “Ask a Design Specialist” feature on the website. Look for the red button on the lower right corner of our site. Click the button to be connected to us live!

We don’t have office hours – we’re available anytime we’re in front of the computer, so chances are you’ll find someone ready to talk at any hour of the day.

If we’re not online, leave a message with your email address and we’ll respond as soon as we’re back at the computer, (which is really fast unless we’re sleeping.)

Chat with us, we can’t wait to hear from you!

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Help Us Design Your Ideal Diaper Bag

If you follow us on facebook, you’ll see we’ve recently been talking a lot about diaper bags. You guys have been asking for diaper bags for years, and we’re finally ready to debut some designs. One of our favorite long-time customers, Keith & Jennifer, asked for a messenger-style diaper bag ahead of their September due date. We love these guys (see their repurposed t-shirt bag here) and wanted to make it happen.

protoype diaper bagI don’t have first hand knowledge about diaper bags so I asked you guys on facebook. Boy, was it illuminating! You all had such great tips about pockets, zippers, size and straps. Here is the first prototype I made based on Jennifer’s style requests and your functionality suggestions. (PS – How cool is this new fabric? I’m a sucker for a good chevron.)

Jennifer found a cute yellow elephant fabric on another diaper bag and had to have it. Keith found it online and shipped it to us, and we were able to make her dream diaper bag ahead of her baby’s big arrival in September.

Keith wrote us after they received it:

“Emily, it’s beautiful!  Amazing job.  She absolutely loves it.  That liner takes the cake.  We’re so happy to be the coolest-diaper-bag-parents the world has ever seen. Thank you!”

Jennifer wanted a messenger style crossbody bag, but lots of moms asked for a two handled-tote version too. As I’m finalizing the designs I’m still asking for suggestions about what you want in your diaper bag. Moms & Dads – what did you love about your diaper bag? What didn’t you like? What features do you think are most important? Leave a comment below, send an email to or leave a message on our facebook page. Thanks for your help making the best diaper bags ever for you hardworking parents out there!

diaperbagelephant 072

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Do You Live Near Boston, MA? Have a Purse Party at Our Studio!

We work in an awesome artist building in Somerville, MA – across the river from Boston and home to the large collection of artists outside of NYC. We frequently have events in our studio, including Open Studios and Second Saturdays. Lately we’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about having parties in our studio, to which I say, Yes, Yes, Yes!

jackie-bachelorette-6.29.13Bachelorette, Birthday Party, Girls Night Out – all great excuses to throw a bash at our place. Peruse the bags, choose your fabrics, and see in person how all the colors look together. We recently hosted Jackie’s Bachelorette Party at our studio, it was part of her girls-only weekend celebration in the city. We had such fun! Most of the ladies designed Round Day Clutches for Jackie’s wedding in August, and Jackie herself designed a Straight Day Clutch to bring to her honeymoon.

Ready to throw your own party? It’s easy to do – just bring your friends and the refreshments. Send an email to and let’s get the party started!

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