Beautiful Art Made from Tree Saplings by Patrick Dougherty

sw_bookOne of my mother-in-laws (yes, I have a few, the husband Case has a complicated family) just sent me an email simply titled “Gorgeous!” and link. She’s got good taste, so I thought, “I’m in” and gave it a click.

Woah. Wow. OMG.

“Gorgeous” does not begin to cover it. Nor does “breathtaking,” “awe-inspiring,” or my favorite, “friggin cool.”

Patrick Dougherty takes tree saplings and manipulates them into massive standing structures. Some look like houses, others like exotic trees, and some like they came straight out of a Dr. Seuss book.

Take a moment to peruse Dougherty’s gallery, it’s worth it. I feel very calm and centered when I’m looking at these. What do you feel? Do you like?

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