Awww shucks guys, you are too kind! (Part II)

The best part of making custom-made bags is the final step … pressing the finished bag, writing a personalized note and lovingly wrapping the bag in our signature red tissue paper (100% recycled of course!) It’s my favorite part because I imagine the feeling you will have when opening the box and meeting your custom-made bag for the first time. Seeing your design come to life – and then getting a million compliments on it – is really the best part.

We’ve been getting a whole lot of love from you guys and I just had to share some more testimonials from people who met their new custom-made bags and fell in love. We used to put images of the bags next to the testimonials, but frankly we’ve been too busy to take pictures before the bags are sent. So, just your lovely words will do … read on and feel the love.


“I got the clutch and I LOVE IT!! It is absolutely gorgeous and perfect – everyone has complimented me on it and I keep telling them ‘Elemental Threads.’ Thanks again for working with me on designing the perfect statement piece. I love it. The quality of the product combined with the wonderful and customized service is something you don’t find all the time.  I will definitely be back to create more unique statement pieces.” – Danielle B., Everett MA 

“Thank you so much for everything.  The bags are great but it’s the quality of the product and the people behind it that keeps me coming back and recommending y’all to everyone I know.  Have I mentioned my socks?  Because you rock them. :)” – Michelle Z., Los Angeles CA

“I forgot to let you know that my bag arrived here last Tuesday and I love it!  Thank you so much.  I have had many compliments and I have given out your website details.  I especially love that I now no longer lose my keys in my bag.  Genius idea having the clip in there!  Thanks for your superb work.” – Amy G., Canberry, ACT Australia

“I got my bag and wow, it is more beautiful than I expected.  Very nice quality and I will definitely be recommending these to friends.” – Robyn L., Los Angeles CA

“Great! Great! Great!  Love my new bag!  Fabulous job!” – Kelly M., Omaha NE

“It got here last night, and it’s *awesome*!  Such a great job, and I love the fabric. :)  Thanks so much again!” – Tabby V., Durham NC


Thank you everyone for your kind words, we truly appreciate it.  We have lots more testimonials to post soon … thank you for your love and support!


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