Another Round of Testimonials

2 packages wrapped upYou guys have the nicest things to say about the quality of our bags and customer service, I just have to share a few of the testimonials. Thank you guys for frankly being so awesome, we’re lucky to know you. 

I appreciate you going the extra mile to make sure this is right.  Good customer service, much less GREAT customer service like yours, is hard to find these days.” – Suzanne L., Cleveland SC

I already love the concept of your company but am really  loving the personal, one-on-one interaction. It’s a small company feel and very refreshing!! I will be recommending your site to everyone I know! Thanks again.” –  Jacqueline B., Montclair NJ

Hi Emily! We got my bag and LOVE it! Thank you so much. Truly. It was really exciting to see our design come to life, and I have used it a lot in the last two days. I’ve gotten at least five compliments on it from people too. Cool, huh?” – Emma B., Los Angeles CA

I received the bags Monday.  They are fantastic!  Three of the bags are gifts and I cannot wait until my friends see them.  In fact, I used the large bag last night at a concert, using one of the large rings (intended to be an option on one of the gift bags) to hold the bag to my belt loop while navigating the crowds.  It was brilliant!  Thank you!” – Amy K., Chelmsford MA

It’s a fantastic bag, for sure, and really suits my needs. It’s holding up beautifully, as I tend to be hard on bags. I love the lining being durable and wipe-down able. I use it for work and long days out many days a week. The only way I haven’t really used it is the oversized clutch, but every other way has been in steady rotation! Including using the short and long straps…great features having the handles and the extendable strap.” – Lindsay S., Somerville MA

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