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Proud to work in Somerville, MA

Our studio is in the Joy Street Artists building, a repurposed factory and storage facility that now houses 60+ artists.  Our neighbors include glass blowers, painters, guitar makers, sculptors, textile artists and all sorts of creative types.  It’s an exhilarating and inspiring place to work, and we love participating in Open Studios twice a year.

Our building is one of several in Somerville that was converted into artists studios.  Hundreds of artists work in this 4 mile wide city – in fact, the largest collection of artists outside NYC is in Somerville, MA!  The city is wildly creative and holds dozens of unique events each year.  The crafts, arts, food and people of Somerville are a dizzying display of creativity and we are so proud to be part of it.

This article in the Washington Post, “A Crafts Explosion in Somerville Mass,” highlights just what is so awesome about our city.  We’re just across the Charles River from Boston, so if you find yourself in the area spend a day in Somerville!

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Port Strikes? We’re Made in the USA!

I’ve been reading a lot about the port strikes in Los Angeles and Long Beach, an 8 day event that shut down two of the country’s busiest ports and cost over $1 billion per day in undelivered goods.  The dispute is now resolved, but retailers are still feeling the effects from the shutdown.  They are dealing with delayed deliveries at the height of holiday shopping season and disappointing customers with out of stock inventory.

I’ve been thinking about what a nightmare this must be for businesses and customers alike, and how upset I’d be if we couldn’t deliver our products to our customers.  It’s times like this I’m reminded about how awesome it is to be a company that makes all products in the USA and uses American suppliers.

We don’t have to worry about delayed shipping due to port strikes because everything we need is in the country already.  Our zippers, linings, nylons and fabrics all come from American suppliers, and we manufacture the bags ourselves in our Boston, MA studio.

We believe people and the planet are as important as profits and all our decisions are based on trying to do better.  Manufacturing in the USA and using American suppliers is a big part of our business plan.  Yes, it costs more money to operate like this, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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How Karl Lagerfeld spends his days and how a Chanel jacket is made

There must be something expensive in the air because today I’m seeing all things Chanel.  Not in my wardrobe of course (!), but in my source reading.  There are two articles I thought would be fun to share.  The first article is about Karl Lagerfeld, the legendary and controversial designer, and how he spends his day.  It’s not often you get personal insights into KL’s life, if you’d like to take a peek click here for the article:












The next article is actually more of a video, and you get to watch how a Chanel jacket is made. The process reminds me a lot of how we make eThreads’ bags … each piece is measured, cut, sewn and pressed by hand.  Of course, our bags are a lot more affordable than a hand tailored Chanel jacket, but the pieces do get the same handcrafted attention.  This inspires me to take some pictures about how an eThreads bag gets made – it’s a fun process, and you will get to see the loving labor that goes into each bag.




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Design Your Own Shoes

We love discovering sites that also let you design your own products.  We’ve told you about Element Bars, Design a Tea, and now we’d like to share Shoes of Prey.  It’s a design-your-own-shoe site that let’s you choose the shoe type, heel height, fabric type … you can even choose how the toe and back of shoe will be shaped.  It’s fun to play around and dream up different designs.  I actually designed one in their new polka dot fabric that immediately reminded me of an eThreads’ design:











What a match!  If you design any shoes that look like an eThreads bag let us know!

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Design your own tea

I drink a lot of tea, so I was excited to discover a customized tea company called Design a Tea. The site lets you choose a base tea, additional flavorings, and whether you like the tea loose or bagged.  You even get to write your own message on the label!  I chose a green tea base with chai and vanilla flavorings, perfect for this cold time of year.  I like my tea bagged and I got to choose between 10 and 20 bags.  It will be neat to switch my favorite flavors depending on the time of year – fruit in the summer, warm cinnamon in the fall.  Yummy…


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Design your own food bar

I’m always interested in other design-your-own companies and just stumbled across Element Bars, a customized whole food bar company.  I was intrigued to learn more because of our shared name, Elemental Threads and Element Bars, and jumped on their website.  I haven’t ordered any bars yet, but the combinations sound absolutely delicious, and their website is easy to follow.  You even get to design your own label!  I’m going to have to grab some bars myself … if any of you all get some Element Bars, let me know what you think!

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These shoe designs are art … a must see if you like shoes!

I stumbled across this posting by a designer named Kobi Levi, who specializes in shoe design. I’m not normally a shoe gal but I am an art gal, and Levi’s heels combine both perfectly.  He makes whimsical shoes that seem to tell a story – from puppy ears to ripe bananas, each style makes me smile.  My favorite is the gum “stuck” on the bottom of the shoe.  You can see all the designs here – which is your favorite?


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