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Just Arrived: Eco-Friendly Felt!

ecofelteThreads is a socially responsible business that strives for environmental sustainability.  We offer eco-friendly fabrics, use recycled packaging, introduced a reusable shopping tote, participate in the carbon offset program ShopGreen, and now we use environmentally friendly felt in the construction of our bags!  This ecofelt is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and provides a wonderfully soft structure for your custom-made handbag.  We are proud to be using ecofelt and will continue to seek out environmentally friendly materials for eThreads’ custom-designed bags, jewelry and accessories.

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ShopGreen! Accessorize your handbag with carbon offsets

Very cool news for you eco-minded fashionistas — now, when you purchase an Elemental Threads bag with Google Checkout, you can invest an additional 1% of your order to reduce the carbon footprint generated by the production of your handbag!  Also, you get to choose among eight different carbon offset projects —  like hydro, wind and geothermal power — and see the pounds of CO2 that will be offset.   You also get a tracking number to monitor the offsets you purchased, how cool is that?  Find more information about the carbon offset projects here.

Screenshot of ShopGreen on Elemental Threads checkout

Screenshot of ShopGreen on Elemental Threads checkout

ShopGreen™ is a new web application developed by the startup GreenWorld.  Launched in March 2009, GreenWorld’s mission is to become the leading carbon market web application solution for companies and their customers.

eThreads meeting ShopGreen was pure serendipity.  Our incredible web designer, Case Prince, also works for the award-winning RED Interactive Agency.  His colleague, Jason Sperling, is the driving force behind ShopGreen and a fan of Elemental Threads.  He suggested that we partner up to be among the first businesses to use ShopGreen.  We were thrilled about the opportunity because ShopGreen’s mission aligns perfectly with eThreads’ focus on social and environmental responsibilities.   We can’t wait to see how many carbon offsets our fabulous customers rack up!!

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