Say Hello to My Sewing Partner Smoke the Cat

During 32 years on Earth I’ve been lucky enough to call 2 dogs and 15 cats my pets. At one point my childhood home was stuffed with 2 kids, 2 dogs and 4 cats – that was our peak. Even though I’ve known so many great cats, I never felt real ownership until now. We have two feline friends, Smoke and Lulu. We are technically foster parents to our Calico named Lulu, but after 7 years I think she’s officially ours. Smoke however is an entirely different story.

smokeatsewingmachineThe husband Case and I were talking about getting another cat, but decided our Cambridge, MA apartment was too small for two cats and we’d wait until we got more space. Then one cold October night in 2011, we heard a buzz at our door around 10 pm.

Turns out someone had left a dirty old cat carrier on the doorstep of our building. Our neighbor noticed it after a few hours and got really worried. She took it inside and was about to call the ASPCA when another neighbor suggested Case and I might want it. My life has not been the same since.

I heard the buzz and answered the door. My neighbor was outside, holding up a dark dirty cat carrier, asking if we want a cat. We didn’t even look inside the box and we said yes. I pictured a mangy, feral cat and I resolved to take care of it no matter what.

smoke-in-box-close-up-twAs we open the carrier door and wait for the cat to walk out, a tiny white paw appears, then another, then the most beautiful blue eyes I’ve ever seen. A little 6 pound Siamese cat walks out of the cage, gives her first cry, and steals my heart in 5 seconds flat.

We named her Smoke because she’s grey and appeared out of thin air. We got the all clear from the vet to keep her, and spent two weeks assimilating Smoke with Lulu so they’d build a good friendship.

Almost two years later, all four of us are quite swell and Smoke inspired our cat toy business Ferocious Friends and her own Instagram account. She is always sitting next to me, so when I’m working in my home studio she has to be front and center. Cats and fabric don’t always mix, but we somehow make it work. I mean, with this face, how can you say no?

smoke-in-ethreads-box smoke-on-box

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