Proud to work in Somerville, MA

Our studio is in the Joy Street Artists building, a repurposed factory and storage facility that now houses 60+ artists. ¬†Our neighbors include glass blowers, painters, guitar makers, sculptors, textile artists and all sorts of creative types. ¬†It’s an¬†exhilarating¬†and inspiring place to work, and we love participating in Open Studios twice a year.

Our building is one of several in Somerville that was converted into artists studios.  Hundreds of artists work in this 4 mile wide city Рin fact, the largest collection of artists outside NYC is in Somerville, MA!  The city is wildly creative and holds dozens of unique events each year.  The crafts, arts, food and people of Somerville are a dizzying display of creativity and we are so proud to be part of it.

This article in the Washington Post, “A Crafts Explosion in Somerville Mass,” highlights just what is so awesome about our city. ¬†We’re just across the Charles River from Boston, so if you find yourself in the area spend a day in Somerville!

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