Pink is the New Bag!

Exciting news to pass along today … our small little business got a great big write up from one hip website!  I have been a long-time reader of the fabulous site Pink is the New Blog … if you like gossip, entertainment news, and honest reviews written with a fun twist, you will love reading Trent Vanegas’ blog.  I approached Trent a few months back to make a bag for his friend Emma, who just got engaged.  Emma designed her bag with her fiancé Josh and here’s what she thought of it:

“We got my bag and LOVE it! Thank you so much. Truly. It was really exciting to see our design come to life, and I have used it a lot in the last two days. I’ve gotten at least five compliments on it from people too. Cool, huh?”

As if that wasn’t fun enough, Trent went one step further and wrote about our adventure on PITNB!  It is so exciting to be a part of his fantastic site, and Trent could not be any cooler.  Click here to read the full post and see some fun reader comments.  Then stick around and read more of Pink is the New Blog, I am sure you will love it!

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