November Special Charity: Friends of El Faro

Elemental Threads is a socially responsible custom-made handbag business. During the month of November we are donating 10% of sales to select charitable organizations. Below is one featured organization; click here to view the full list.

friendsofelfaroGroup: Friends of El Faro
Code: FriendsofElFaro

Founded in 2000, Friends of El Faro visit and support the Casa Hogar Sion orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico.  Here children who have been abandoned, abused or neglected have found a home, a place where they are safe and cared for, nourished and loved. The Friends of El Faro do what they can to take care of the children, and Mama Carmen and Papa Jorge and the staff, all remarkable people who have created a home for children who did not have one.  Friends of El Faro’s mission is simple – to show up and help improve the lives of the children of Casa Hogar Sion in anyway they can. Long term, FOEF’s goal is to purchase land and build the children a new home. In the meantime there are hungry children to feed, shelter, keep safe and send to school.

To participate and help raise funds for this cause:

1) Design your own bag at or view our Blog Shop
2) Checkout with Google Checkout
3) Use the referral code FriendsofElFaro
4) That’s it!  Elemental Threads will now donate 10% of your sale!  You get a fun new accessory, Friends of El Faro gets a donation.  Everybody wins.

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