How Karl Lagerfeld spends his days and how a Chanel jacket is made

There must be something expensive in the air because today I’m seeing all things Chanel.  Not in my wardrobe of course (!), but in my source reading.  There are two articles I thought would be fun to share.  The first article is about Karl Lagerfeld, the legendary and controversial designer, and how he spends his day.  It’s not often you get personal insights into KL’s life, if you’d like to take a peek click here for the article:












The next article is actually more of a video, and you get to watch how a Chanel jacket is made. The process reminds me a lot of how we make eThreads’ bags … each piece is measured, cut, sewn and pressed by hand.  Of course, our bags are a lot more affordable than a hand tailored Chanel jacket, but the pieces do get the same handcrafted attention.  This inspires me to take some pictures about how an eThreads bag gets made – it’s a fun process, and you will get to see the loving labor that goes into each bag.




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