Holiday Fundraising: Health Leads Boston

eThreads is a custom-made handbag business that proudly supports environmental and social causes.  During the holiday season, we team up with non-profit organizations to raise money for their important causes.  It’s easy to help – just design your bags at, checkout with an organization’s code, and we will donate 25% of your order!  Below is one great organization, click here to see the full list.



Group: Health Leads Boston

Code: HLB


About:  Health Leads’ (formerly Project HEALTH’s) mission is to create a health care system in which those unmet resource needs that compromise health are addressed as a standard element of patient care. To this end, we mobilize well-trained undergraduate volunteers, based in clinical settings, to connect low income patients with the basic resources – such as food, housing, child care, and fuel assistance – that they need to be healthy, demonstrating that this type of infrastructure can be feasible, affordable, and effective.

The Health Leads Boston site is the oldest and largest in the organization’s six-city network. It has grown from a single desk in the waiting room of the BMC pediatric clinic, staffed by ten students, to a robust operation that last year served over 2,400 families across five clinical sites, including the Boston Medical Center pediatrics, OB/GYN, and newborn nursery clinics, as well as at the Codman Square Health Center in Dorchester and the Dimock Center in Roxbury. Our aspiration going forward, however, is not merely to serve more children and families – although we will certainly do that – but truly to change the way that health care is delivered in this country.

Here’s how you can support this important cause:
1) Design your own bag at
2) Checkout with Google Checkout and enter code “HLB
3) That’s it! eThreads will now donate 25% of your sale to Health Leads Boston! Thank you for your support.
** If you want to checkout with PayPal instead of Google Checkout, please complete your order and send an email to and give us this organization’s code. We will then donate 25% of your sale! **

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