Get Organized With a Peg Board

We all have way too much going on in our lives. ¬†We have commitments with work, family, friends, special events … the dry cleaning you were supposed to pick up on Tuesday, the dinner for 12 you have to magically conjure up, the deadline at work that your boss just pushed up two weeks … it’s all just too much! ¬†If you’re like me, you are drowning in a sea of Post-It Notes, reminder emails, and “To-Do” lists in various notebooks. ¬†Sometimes it is overwhelming and inevitably something falls through the crack. ¬†I’m always looking for the ultimate organization tool and I think I just found it!

As you may have guessed from the title, this magical new tool is something that is really quite old … a peg board! ¬†Usually sequestered to work benches and dark corners of the basement, the peg board is actually a great tool to organize the modern gal. ¬†All you need is ribbon, scissors and hooks to make a calendar/t0-do list that is easy to follow and update. ¬†The peg board idea comes courtesy of and is a low-cost, easy project to help organize big events, daily “to-do” lists, and even your favorite tools. ¬†Yes, it’s low-tech, but sometimes the best solutions are the simplest. ¬†Enjoy!

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