eThreads rePurpose Testimonial: Trina J.

We recently launched eThreads rePurpose, a service in which we turn your old favorite t-shirts, jackets, blankets, etc… into fabulous new bags!  Trina J. sent us two amazing pieces that she picked up in Japan – a large square tapestry and small scarf – to be transformed into new bags:

We had just enough fabric to create the Ruffle Tote and Kiss Frame Purse for Trina and here are the results…

Trina was very happy with the bags:

“I got it!!!  I absolutely love them!!!  I will carry them with pride.  Thank you so much.  I am sure I will be telling your story to many many people.”

Thank you Trina!  Do you have a favorite item of clothing or piece of fabric?  Let us make you a fabulous new bag!  Send an email to for more info.

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