eThreads ecoTip #3: Wash Your Clothes in Cold Water

If you like to save money you’ll love this eco-tip! It’s easy to do — simply wash your clothes in cold water. Using cold water 80% of the time (not even every wash!) can save you $60-$100 a year on energy costs according to Imagine what you’ll save if you wash your clothes with cold water 100% of the time! It’s easy to do: just push the “Cold/Cold” button on your washing machine before starting the load. That’s it! I’ve been doing my laundry in cold water for months and the clothes feel just the same as using hot water. Not only are you saving money, you are reducing your waste. According to PlanetGreen, 90% of the energy used in washing clothes is to heat the water! So if you use cold water you’re using only 10% of the energy used in a typical laundry load. Washing your clothes in cold water saves money and reduces carbon dioxide emissions! Sounds pretty good to me.

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