Custom eThreads rePurpose bag: Diane T.’s Marine Corps Jacket

We recently launched eThreads rePurpose, a new service in which we turn t-shirts, jackets, blankets, etc. into bags!  For more information or to see examples of our rePurpose bags, click here.  We also have a few in stock which can be found on our Etsy page.  In addition to using salvaged t-shirts, we welcome custom-made orders so that you can turn your favorite t-shirt or jacket into a new bag.  We love this service because we can create bags that are especially meaningful to our customers.

before army jacket

We’d like to share an example of a very special bag that was made for Diane T. and her daughter, Heather.  Heather’s boyfriend Steven is in the Marine Corps and recently left for a tour of Afghanistan and Iraq.  Before his departure, he left Heather with a Marine Corps jacket which Diane sent to us to be repurposed into a Tote and Pouch for her daughter.

Diane and Heather asked that we use the front insignia pocket on one side of the Tote.  So we got to work ripping off the pocket and creating an entirely new pattern for the Small Tote that would be big enough to hold the pocket.  Then we sewed the pocket onto the pattern and constructed the bag.  We had enough material leftover to make the matching Small Pouch.

army jacket product shot

We are pretty proud of the bags and thrilled to hear Diane and Heather are happy too.  Here is what Diane had to say when she received the bags:

Hi Emily –

We just got the bags and Heather is absolutely thrilled !  She was so excited, they are absolutely PERFECT !  It was also perfect timing because she was online talking to Steven in Iraq when the mail came and is sending him  a picture of it via her webcam !  Thanks again for all your help.  It turned out beautifully.

Thank you to Diane and Heather for allowing us to share their story.  Our best wishes go to Diane’s family and all the other families who are so deeply affected by the absence of their loved ones.  We would also like to send our gratitude to the brave men and women who are fighting overseas and separated from their families.  We wish you all a safe trip home.

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