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Kiss Frame Purse, Silver and Black Paisley Brocade

A modern take on a favorite classic. This rich silver and black paisley brocade fabric adds shine and sophistication to any outfit — dress up jeans for a night on the town or dazzle up your dress. This frame purse measures 7″ tall and 10″ across; and the blue roomy interior includes an inside pocket. Like the fabric? Get a Small or Large Ring to match!

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December Special Organization: Deviated Theatre

Elemental Threads is a socially responsible custom-made handbag business. During the month of December we are donating 10% of sales to select charitable organizations. Below is one featured organization; click here to view the full list.

Group: Deviated Theatre
Code: DeviatedTheatre

Deviated Theatre is a dance/theatre company founded in 2008 in the Washington DC metro area by Kimmie Dobbs Chan and Enoch Chan.  The company performs all original works, created and choreographed by the Chans, which have been described as “operas of movement, rather than song.”  A budding non-profit, Deviated Theatre debuted to sold-out performances, has since had 7 successful performance runs, and hopes to continue expanding through the generous help of its supporters.

To participate and help raise funds for this group:

1) Design your own bag at or view our Blog Shop
2) Checkout with Google Checkout
3) Use the referral code DeviatedTheatre
4) That’s it!  Elemental Threads will now donate 10% of your sale!  You get a fun new accessory, Deviated Theatre gets a donation.  Everybody wins.

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eThreads ecoTip #1: Keep that refrigerator closed!

I just introduced eThreads ecoTips as a way to provide easy and cheap ways to live more eco-friendly.  I like this first tip because it’s a simple thing to do that won’t require a complete rewiring of your habits.

How many of you get hangry (a hybrid of hungry and angry) and rip open the fridge, gazing over the array of food options while the cool frost whips over your shoulders?  I used to do this a lot, until I heard that it’s a big waste of energy leaving the refrigerator door open.

Your fridge’s compressor works to keep your food nice and cool.  This means that when you leave the door open while contemplating your next snack, cold air is rushing out and suddenly your fridge is working harder to keep the temperature cool.  This means a lot of wasted energy.  How much?  According to the good people at Ideal Bite, the average household wastes 50-120 kilowatt hours a year by opening the refrigerator door – that’s like leaving one to three 100-watt light bulbs on all year!  You could also be adding up to $20 on your utility bill.

So next time you’re hangry (which, if you’re like me, happens 5 times a day,) think about what you want to eat before opening the fridge.  Also, keep your foods in the same place so you know where to reach every time.  Additionally, let your foods cool before you put them in the refrigerator.  By adding hot objects to your fridge, you’re asking the compressor to work harder to cool the item, thus using more energy.  Finally, keep liquids and foods covered up — otherwise they can release moisture that makes the compressor work even harder.  Want more tips on keeping your fridge and other appliances efficient?  Click here for more info.

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ShopGreen! Accessorize your handbag with carbon offsets

Very cool news for you eco-minded fashionistas — now, when you purchase an Elemental Threads bag with Google Checkout, you can invest an additional 1% of your order to reduce the carbon footprint generated by the production of your handbag!  Also, you get to choose among eight different carbon offset projects —  like hydro, wind and geothermal power — and see the pounds of CO2 that will be offset.   You also get a tracking number to monitor the offsets you purchased, how cool is that?  Find more information about the carbon offset projects here.

Screenshot of ShopGreen on Elemental Threads checkout

Screenshot of ShopGreen on Elemental Threads checkout

ShopGreen™ is a new web application developed by the startup GreenWorld.  Launched in March 2009, GreenWorld’s mission is to become the leading carbon market web application solution for companies and their customers.

eThreads meeting ShopGreen was pure serendipity.  Our incredible web designer, Case Prince, also works for the award-winning RED Interactive Agency.  His colleague, Jason Sperling, is the driving force behind ShopGreen and a fan of Elemental Threads.  He suggested that we partner up to be among the first businesses to use ShopGreen.  We were thrilled about the opportunity because ShopGreen’s mission aligns perfectly with eThreads’ focus on social and environmental responsibilities.   We can’t wait to see how many carbon offsets our fabulous customers rack up!!

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Introducing eDesigned

eDesigned clutch and wristlet

Meet the Stephanie and Basha bags. Theses girls are the first generation of eDesigned bags. They are made from a unique design in a single batch from a limited amount of fabric. Each is handcrafted by me in limited editions and are available now.

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