A Crafty Use for Old Credit Cards

We love to reuse materials in unique ways.  First, we started eThreads rePurpose so you can give your old t-shirts, jackets, blankets, etc…  a fabulous new life as your next handbag.

It’s a unique thrill to take something old and give it a new life and entirely new purpose.  That’s why I flipped when I found this crafty project that uses old credit cards to create a fabulous mosaic picture frame.  I’ve seen frames like these in upscale home decorating stores for $$$ and they certainly aren’t recycled.  Now you can make your own gorgeous piece at home for less money and more eco-friendliness!

You say you don’t have a stash of old credit cards?  No problem!  The second half of this post from Crafty Manolo suggests uses for old plastic bags, magazines and cardboard boxes!  Chic style can be affordable and eco-friendly … all it takes is a some time and creativity.  Enjoy!

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