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  • "Love!! I've been using my bags every day for the last three years!!"- Sonia J., Boston MA

  • “I love the latest bag that I ordered from eThreads! Your dedication and outstanding customer service continues to impress me. I appreciate all the work you put into making sure that each bag I order is one that I will be happy with. I have received so many compliments and enjoy spreading the word about your wonderful products and service. I can’t wait to design my next bag!”– Kate E., Seattle WA

  • "Truly, I love this bag as does my sister and we tell everyone about your wonderful company. I'm going to tell everyone you are the Nordstrom of bags."- Loretta M., Chicago IL

  • "I totally have Louis Armstrong singing What a wonderful world in my head right now. If only all businesses were as great as you!!"- Michelle D., Los Angeles CA

  • "I've been meaning to email you for the last year and let you know how much I enjoy the bag I've already purchased from you and how many compliments I get on it! You do great things :)"- Christine B., Santa Monica CA

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    We’ve posted some super pretty designs from you fab designers! In case you missed it on Facebook, check out some recent custom made bags: [caption id="attachment_4610" align="alignleft" width="300"] Day of the Dead ...

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